Online Noise Monitoring Turnkey Solutions 


eRuido is our flagship product. A fully integrated Noise Monitoring Solution, built for communities, cities, and industrial sites as well.

A permanent noise data capture solution for enviromental studies. we built our first internet enabled NMS by 1996. We love doing it and we can´t get tired helping our customers achieve success in their projects.


Each eRuido Noise Monitoring Station (NMS)  is built upon request based on client needs. Key piece is our dBAMonitor R8 software, built upon our own time domain algorithms for noise capture and  measuring.


While you can build your eRuido on your own, maybe asking us to build it for you could help shorten time to market for your next noise project. Anyway, if you are the DIY kind go and download dBAMonitor software and start measuring noise today with your own computer and a measurement microphone.

eRuido NMS performs Text files datalogging, sql database datalogging, wav file threshold based prebuffered recording, web reporting, integration to public or private clouds, among many other features like easily adapt to local regultaions, and be flexible enough to run with class 1 or 2 microphones, choose different connectivty options like LAN, Wan, Wifi or LTE, and  hardware alternatives for budget or high demanding projects  from community sites to high demanding minning, port or race track operations.

Your eRuido will be designed and built with tested materials including, Noiseless cpu (fanless technology), Windows 10 IOT (stable operating system)

Hand picked measurement microphone, with different technologies based on your needs. Usually we will use 

  Analog to digital conversion in the micropohone body, for a remarkably clear signal path, Beside high quality codecs. for 16 bits  or 24 bits and 48KHz sampling rate we may suggest use of new technologies like mems microphones wich performs incredibly well for an incredible budgetary price tag.

We may also sugtgest Professional  discrete preamplifiers (Class 1 and 2) or Electret verified masurement microphones.

Upon request, your eRuido will be shipped  with a NIST traceable factory certificate for Class 1 and Class 2 units.

Energy and connectivity are options too. We may set it up for solar power, batteries, AC power sources and have it get connected online with LAN, Wifi, WAN or LTE networks. GPS units are also available.

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